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Dear Client, 

We started our journey in 2016 and since then we succeeded to fill multiple roles or built full technical teams. 

The main roles were Middle and Senior Developers, QA - both manual and automated, Team Leaders and Software Managers and we are proud with our 100% success rate of candidates sailing through their probation period. We cover a vast list of technologies and always open for new ones. We like to discover every day new ways to improve the tech society around us and put efforts to stay tech-savvy recruiters. 

With over 80.000 candidates in our database, we search not only for talents, but also for personality traits and social skills that will actually fit in your environment. We work towards your common goals: to increase your revenues, meet the targets and realize your strategy without compromising quality.

We act like a "personal promoter" for each of our clients and when we identify the right candidates for you, we make sure they see your real story and what you accomplished through your services. 

Moreover, our company is based in Bucharest, the beating heart of the IT hub in Central Europe, which makes us very excited to be the part of it.

Why Fabrika HR? 



We are constantly expanding our technical knowledge.

We excel in interpersonal communication and have the sixth sense second to none. With our extended and well-researched database, we never miss the point. 

Providing a personal touch is a big part of offering a high quality service to both candidates and clients. We prefer exclusive partnerships because we guarantee an unique experience and if you are asking about our opening times, we never close.

We are tailoring our process to meet everyone’s needs and take time to understand your organisation and vacancy inside out.

For each role we design a recruitment strategy to present you only the highest calibre of candidate and ones with higher motivation to join your company. 

Tailored Services

Company promoters

We are in contact with a large pool of candidates which makes us great promoters of your achievements, teams, organizational culture and goals. And we do this for free! We work on success fee so the recruitment service we offer is also a marketing tool for your business. 

Quality over Quantity

In IT it should be all about quality. We think it is better to write few lines of code to have a result better than pages with the same effect.  The idea can expand when searching for the best IT candidate. A shortlist of 1 CV sent : 1 hired person is what we do at a rate of 70%. 


Passion and people

We work only on the requirements that we are personally passionate about. We want your next project and position to be as exciting and suitable for you as our work is for us. Our recruiters are not only competent, but truly likable, passionate about psychology and human resources.


Step by Step:

Understanding your need: Designing together a Job Description or working on existent 

Establishing a dedicated recruiter and sketching the recruitment plan. 

Actively searching using database, recruiter and agency networking, dedicated recruitment tools, LinkedIn, websites, etc.  

Establishing interviews, shortlisting based on technical and soft skills, motivation, salary expectations, etc.

Sending you a detailed description and resumes of the short-listed candidates. 

Providing a weekly short list and detailed report. 

Offering feed-back to both candidates and clients after technical interviews, offering updates regarding the recruitment process, being connected at all times with candidates and clients. 

Offering support regarding the final offer. 

Follow-up when needed (and when allowed) after the person starts the job.

Checking the level of happiness. :) 

Our plans for 2020 are to expand both nationally and internationally and be a strong partner to all our clients. 

If you were looking for us, you finally found what you need, let`s talk! 

Best regards, 

Fabrika HR Team. 

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