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Dear future member of Fabrika HR,   

When we started the agency, we were very excited about our plans in changing the way both candidates and clients see recruitment services and we are still working on that every day, with the same excitement.


We keep ourselves modest and human and result oriented with the final goal to be a liaison of excellent services between companies and candidates.

If you are looking for just a job, it is not the place for you. We can still talk about what you want to do in the future and maybe help you sketch a career path, but don`t apply for "just a job" at Fabrika HR. We don`t have such thing as "just jobs". 

But if you are really passionate about Human Resources, if it comes naturally for you to speak with people you never met before, if you are not afraid in meeting different personalities every day, if you are in search of excellence and you build every day a better you, we shall then give you more details about what we do and who we are.

Of course, you can read them at "About" or "Hire Talents" or "Get Hired", but let`s give it a personal touch:  

We are a small team with flat hierarchy, taking decisions very fast and always oriented "to do", "to act", "to find solutions". 

After the induction period and when all the procedures are known, we expect you to act like an intrapreneur. 

If we tell a client that the unicorn exists, it is because we have seen it or we know it exists and we start looking for it right away. 

When we find a candidate who is suitable for a role, we first check if it is a good moment to make a change and if it is the right direction for him/her. 

When one of us is stocked and can not find ideas to continue a task, the team stops for a while and finds new ways of solving it together. We are brainstorming a lot. 

We sometimes stop and laugh, we appreciate good humor, good books and movies.


We prefer coffee than tea, but we can prepare both at the office.  

Regarding your previous experience and your resume, we do not have certain expectations. We prefer the personality over the experience and we often give a chance to those who never worked before in IT Recruitment. 

At the moment we have 2 open roles: Recruiter for Internship and Junior/Middle Recruiter.  If interested, you can apply at "Jobs" section. 

Hope to see you soon, 

Monica Urziceanu

Business Development Partner @ Fabrika HR

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