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Your strategic partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of IT recruitment

Fabrika HR | IT Recruitment Services







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We build on site, hybrid or remote development teams and found the perfect candidates for more than 20 clients in the US and Europe.

We are dedicated to matching great talent with exciting opportunities and thrive on the challenges that come with it.

IT Market Insights from FabrikaHR

Market Insight

Our tech recruiters possess a deep understanding of the job market, staying abreast of its trends and forecasts.

  • Employment landscape assessment

  • ​Compensation overview

  • Efficient hiring timeframe


We can find, assess and select the best candidates for mid-level and senior tech roles.

  • Build a dedicated development team

  • Extend your existing team with senior software engineers

  • Pre-screening interviews and end-to-end recruiting

Monica Urziceanu

Monica Urziceanu
Business Developer & IT Recruiter 

Find your tech talent

Unlocking potential

Software Engineering


Data Solutions

Quality Assurance (QA)

Project/Product Management

Product Design

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Benefits of working with us

Unlocking Value: What Sets Us Apart

                 Weekly Reports for Real-Time Insights
A view of our progress, challenges, and opportunities, providing you with the valuable information needed to make informed decisions and drive strategic changes.

             Guiding You Every Step of the Way
Benefit from the unwavering support and expertise of the Fabrika HR team at every stage of the talent acquisition process.

           Pay Only if the Job is Closed Successfully
With Fabrika HR, you will only be billed upon successfully hiring your perfect candidate, eliminating any hourly or monthly charges.



Don't hesitate, reach out! Whether you have inquiries about recruitment or our services, feel free to get in touch with us.

Monica Urziceanu

Monica Urziceanu
Business Developer & IT Recruiter 

  • Which regions of hiring do you cover?
    Our primary talent pool is composed of candidates hailing from Eastern European countries, such as Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and beyond. But we bring extensive experience working with clients and candidates from diverse regions, including the United States, Switzerland, as well as India, UAE and Pakistan.
  • Where do you find the candidates?
    We conduct an extensive search for candidates across various platforms, leveraging the global network on LinkedIn. Additionally, we explore the potential of job sites to attract incoming talent, ensuring a broad outreach to identify the ideal match for your requirements.
  • What types of IT roles do you specialize in?
    Our team is well-versed in hiring for a wide range of IT roles, spanning from software development and cybersecurity to system administration and project management. Whether you're looking for front-end developers, network engineers, or IT managers, we have the expertise to source and place top talent across the entire spectrum of IT positions.
  • When we can expect the first candidates?
    You can anticipate receiving the first candidates within 10 working days from the commencement of our partnership. We understand the importance of a timely recruitment process and we are committed to promptly delivering well-suited candidates for your consideration.
  • What are your benefits compared to other agencies?
    We transcend the role of mere recruiters; we emerge as growth partners. Through unwavering collaboration, specialized expertise, and a transparent methodology, we bring forth candidates ready to propel your success. Choose us for recruitment that accelerates your growth journey.

Your dedicated partner in tech recruitment, sourcing top software developers globally to elevate your company's success 

Fabrika HR | IT Recruitment Services
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